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Breast Surgery

Breast Biopsies:

Percutaneous Biopsy:  this biopsy uses a special needle/probe to remove a sample through the skin.  In most cases, these biopsies can be done in the office and sent to pathology.

Fine Needle Aspiration:  This is the simplest form of biopsy. 

Core Needle Biopsy: this biopsy provides a larger sample than fine needle aspiration.  A hollow needle is used to remove a section of the mass which is sent to pathology.                         

If the area in question in the breast is found to be benign usually there is no further treatment required.  If the area of the breast in question is cancerous there are various treatment options available.

Lumpectomy:  surgical removal of a tumor without removing much of the surrounding tissue or lymph nodes; performed in some cases of breast cancer

Mastectomy:  surgical removal of a breast to remove a malignant tumor

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy:  Often these treatments are used prior or following the removal of cancerous breast tissue.

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